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Thank you to everyone who participated in and joined the live stream.


Below is a recording from the event. 

We have some awesome people who are volunteering to drum with us during our live stream to raise awareness and money for Alzheimers research. 

Donations will be made directly on the Alzheimers Societies Fundraising page that we setup with them. 

Our fundraising drive for Alhziemers research has crossed our initial family & friends goal of  $1000 and is still growing!


How will this work? 

We will be starting a live stream at 2pm EST on November 13th 2022.  

One drummer will be connected to the live stream (from a smart phone or computer webcam at their location) at a time - each drummer playing to music or solo improvising.  


We will be sharing the live stream (we are still working on how people can access this) 


Meet Drew 

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Drew is the inspiration for our Drumming for Demential fundraiser.  

Living in Hamilton Ontario (and growing up in Scotland), Drew has played drums for most of his life in various bands, and at his church.  I (Scott) played a bit over the years, his Grandson  Ethan plays in a Youth Pipe and Drum band (and on the drum kit) and his Grandson Jaxton loves drums and everything that is Music. 

On November 13th 2022, Drew will be joining drummers (amazing humans - some friends and mostly strangers) from across US, Canada and UK as we raise awareness and some money for Alzheimers research. 

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Be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle 

Drummers who will be playing 

These amazing humans are friends, family and total strangers who are helping raise awareness for dementia.

Support by watching! 

Awareness and community is at the core of everything! 
We will send you a link to our live stream details for this virtual event to raise awareness and support for Dementia.  

Thanks for submitting!

Enjoying Music

Music Matters 

With Alzheimers

We have read lots of information about how therapeutic music (and drum beats) can be to those with Alzheimers. 

"Participating in a drumming circle allows the resident with dementia who may have lost executive abilities, to take an object and affect another object - and sustain that activity. It provides for meaningful sound when communication skills have deteriorated." - New York State Dept of Health 

Are you a drummer and would like to join us? 

Raising Awareness & Donations for Alzheimers Research

In Memory Of 

Our Drummers and Supporters are here to create awareness and show support of many friends and family members.
We are also here in memory of some very special people.
Add someone who you would like to remember. 

Great Grandma Banks

- Cameron Redford (Drummer) 

Eileen Allwood

- Shangrow/Morrison Family  (Supporters)

Charlotte 'Lottie' Riley (parent) 

- Andy Riley (Drummer) 

In support of all friends and family who have and are dealing with this

- Tucker Bohm (Drummer) 

Grandpa Russell (Uncle Jimmy) 

- Russell Family (Supporters) 
- Drew, Ethan, Jaxton (Drummers) 
- Waddell Family (Supporters) 

Mum & Dad (Gran & Papa) 

- Drew Waddell (Drumming), Ethan Waddell (Drumming), Jaxton Waddell (Drumming) 
- Waddell Family (Supporters) 

Roy and Vera Roszel.

- Sharon Roszel (Supporter) 

Mary McBeth

- Shangrow/Morrison Family (supporters)

Carolyn Tepe (mother in law)

- Josh Gilliland (Drummer) 

Janet Martin 

- Scott D Christie (Drummer) 

Margaret Zweep

- Paul, Kathy Zweep & Family 

Grace Rannie

- Bowman / Rannie Family (Supporters) 

Joe Carolan 

- Carolan Family (supporters)

Velma T Hamm (grandmother) and her father Fred Teater Great Grandfather )

- Michael Hamm (Drummer) 

Heather De Clair 

- Michelle De Clair / John Keefe and Family 

Shirley Frye (Grandma) 

- Josh Gilliland (Drummer) 

In Support Of 

Our Drummers and Supporters are here to create awareness and show support of some very special people who are living with Dementia.
Add someone who you would like to list in support of or remember. 

Patsy Jordan (Mom) 

Jason & Marcia Stephens 

My Mother 

- Jason Lewis (Drummer) 

In support of Grandparent William Wolff Sr., currently living with dementia, and his family.

- Kevin Whalen (Drummer) 

My Dad

- Julie Seath 

In support of a loved one who is currently living with Alzheimer's 

- Kevin Sawyer (Drummer) 

The Waddell Family (Family Friend) 

- Charles Chaytor 

The Currie / Lloyd Family (Family Friend)

- Charles & Ann Chaytor

In support of all friends and family who have and are dealing with this

- Tucker Bohm (Drummer) 

Drew Waddell 

- Graham, Ethan, Scott/April, Susan/Marlon, Julie/Dennis, Jaxton

Add to "In Memory" or "In Support"Of 

If you would like to add a loved ones name, please let us know here. 


Thanks for submitting!

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